​​Dawn began teaching the general public again via Zoom in October 2020 in response to the pandemic and previous students reaching out requesting an online class. 

The class takes place on Wednesday evenings 6pm.  It is a mix of Dawn's eclectic styles she has studied with over the years.  Definitely a yoga flow format, with elements of Forrest yoga.  Also allowing you to experiment with more somatic movement throughout the class if you wish to.  

The class payment is on a sliding scale basis.  Options given are £5, £10 or £12, or free compassion pass to anyone struggling financially.  Dawn trusts that everyone is honest to make a fair judgment of what they can afford, no questions will be asked.  This supports her work to be accessible to a wider range of people and enrich the shared experience.

If you wish to register for this weeks class the link is below, all payment details are sent out in registration email along with the link for you to join.